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Global Sweetener Industry: Focus on High Intensity Sweetener (HIS) Market

A series of factors have added to the growth of high intensity sweeteners (HIS) over the past few years, with the major of them being the rising health concerns and increasing demand of these sweeteners in the food and beverage industry worldwide. Aspartame is the largest artificial sweetener among others in terms of its market share, which is followed by sucralose and saccharin. As an intense sweetener, aspartame is mostly demanded by the food and beverage industry. Globally, rising population of people with weight related diseases, like diabetes and obesity, the choice of consumers is shifting towards artificial and natural sweeteners sugar.

Categorically, high intensity sweeteners fall into two classes: artificial sweeteners and natural sweeteners. Currently, the share of artificial sweeteners in the high intensity sweeteners market is the largest, - major reason behind the popularity is their low content of calories and a taste which is similar to that of sugar.

Low calorie sweeteners do not contain fermentable carbohydrates, and eventually do not produce acids by oral bacteria, and therefore, they prevent dental carries. Diabetic people also prefer low calorie sweeteners as it provides them the same sweet taste of sugar without side effects. Their low calorie property does not add any calories to the diet of diabetic patients and thus helps in weight management, which, in turn, helps in preventing many diseases like obesity and heart related diseases.

Natural sweeteners are gaining importance due to their side effects-free property as compared to artificial sweeteners, which are produced through chemical processes and taste similar to sugar, but at present their market share is less than 5% and has huge growth potential.

The present report offers an analysis of the global sweetener market with a special focus on the high intensity sweetener market. It also discusses major market trends, growth drivers, opportunities available for the players and major challenges faced by the sweetener industry. The natural sweetener market which is mainly comprised of stevia extract, Reb-A is also discussed in detail in the report. The report also profiles major players in the sweetener market.

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